Quotes for teamwork and promoting a positive work environment (2024)

A happy team is a productive team. According to Gallup, businesses with the highest employee engagement reported 18% more productivity and 23% more profitability. Ensuring team members feel motivated and inspired is one way leaders can support positive employee morale. From sharing quotes for teamwork to setting weekly goals, you can motivate your team in big and small ways every day.

This article provides quotes for teamwork and tips on how these simple but powerful phrases can help motivate your team. You’ll also learn about team-building exercises and how using monday.com’s Work OS can help you track goals and streamline workflow for a positive and productive work environment.

What are quotes for teamwork?

Quotes for teamwork are motivational quotes that encourage people to work as team players to reach specific goals. A teamwork quote is generally positive and carries the underlying message that people can come together to achieve great things. In work settings, team leaders may send inspirational teamwork quotes with a daily team email. Or they might hang posters with quotes for teamwork throughout the office.

We’ve provided some example quotes for teamwork below. But before you read through those, take a moment to understand why you might use such quotes with your team.

Why use quotes for teamwork?

Using quotes for teamwork in work settings helps teams become and stay motivated to see projects through to completion. Teamwork quotes can help boost the overall morale of your team, which can lead to increased production, improved communication, and an overall positive vibe in the workplace. When you’ve got a deadline looming or a big project coming up, sharing quotes for teamwork can foster enthusiasm and offer encouragement.

It’s easy to find quotes on the internet, and if you read good books and articles, you’ll likely come across some great options too. While motivational quotes are often sourced from industry leaders and celebrities, you might even overhear one from a team member in your own breakroom. You can also keep reading below for some great examples of teamwork quotes.

What are some examples of quotes for teamwork?

Good motivational quotes are pithy and memorable. They also offer a takeaway that works in a variety of environments without being too trite. The three options below are great examples.

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself” – Henry Ford

This quote embodies the idea that working together as a team can lead to successful outcomes. It encourages people to come together to reach a common goal and relays the message that working as a team lets people share ideas and come up with solutions collectively. Using this quote when starting a new project can serve as a positive reminder that teamwork often brings positive results.

“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.” – Napoleon Hill

Sharing your skills and knowledge with others is one of the most important aspects of teamwork. These efforts also often create a boomerang effect. When others on the team succeed, so do you! This quote is great for team leaders looking for positive ways to motivate their teams, as it sends the message that collaborating with others to reach an end goal ensures everyone wins.

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” -Walt Disney

Hang around any team environment long enough and you get tired of attending meetings. This quote from Walt Disney goes right to the heart of the time management matter, reminding people that doing is more important than talking. It also keeps leadership accountable for creating processes that support ample collaboration and planning without over discussing things or turning everything into a meeting.

using monday.com Work OS goal tracking features to motivate teams

Setting reasonable but challenging goals and acknowledging accomplishments helps motivate and inspire employees to keep moving forward. If you’re looking for an option for tracking team members’ goals and achievements, monday.com has a solution. Our Work OS offers a host of goal tracking features to help you set goals and monitor employee progress.

monday.com Work OS’s Goal Widget is a convenient, user-friendly application that downloads directly to your dashboard. It features separate fields to enter monetary goals and contributions towards goals, along with a battery graphic that grows with each entry. This widget is a great option if your business is saving for an upcoming project or event or if team members have sales quotas to reach.

Our Quarterly Objectives template offers another user-friendly solution to tracking team progress. It lets you input team goals and break them down into smaller tasks for easy delegation to team members. As staff work on assignments, you can track progress directly through the template.

More resources for teams

Creating a balanced workflow, implementing a solid development plan, and leading team-building exercises are additional ways to keep your team motivated and inspired. With monday.com Work OS, you can centralize your workflow and keep teams connected via a single platform. Our customizable templates also support easy development planning. Here’s a rundown on how monday.com can help.

Workflow for teams

monday.com’s Work OS lets users integrate their workflows into one platform. Team members can openly communicate with one another, share files, and collaborate on projects. All work on the platform is trackable, and best of all, your work won’t get lost.

Our workflow programs also let you track employee and team progress and collaborate with others, even when team members are working remotely. Real-time notifications help ensure all team members are kept in the loop, and you can scale workflow to meet your company’s growing needs. From hosting virtual team meetings to collaborating on creative projects, monday.com’s Work OS makes it simple for the work to flow.

Development plan template

Development plans help outline the goals you’re hoping to achieve by mentoring a team member. You can easily create these plans with the help of a development plan template, which features sections for inputting an employee’s name, position, and development focus areas. The template also makes it easy to track your mentee’s progress and input new information as they reach desired goals.

Team building guide

Team building supports the success of team members and team leaders alike. Some common strategies for team building include training, coaching and mentoring, setting goals, skill development, and gamification. Each strategy is geared towards promoting camaraderie, teamwork, and collaboration among team members.

Setting clear goals is a huge factor in positive team building. Goal setting ensures that all team members are held accountable for the outcome of a project, whether it’s successful or not. This type of ownership helps motivate each person to stay focused and set aside differences to achieve success. When people feel that they contributed positively to a collaborative goal, it can increase their confidence in their own skills and ensure they’re excited about future group efforts.

Promoting a sense of belonging is another important aspect of team building, as it helps team members build a sense of trust with coworkers and leaders. One of the most popular activities for building trust and rapport is a game called Ice Breaker. During this game, team members ask one another questions to break the ice. This type of communication helps people feel more comfortable and open, which can translate to an enhanced ability to work together.

A team-building guide is a great resource for anyone looking to motivate their teams. Read the monday.com guide. Then pair the lessons learned with quotes for teamwork to inspire your teams to success.

FAQs about quotes for teamwork

What is a motivational quote?

A motivational quote is a quote that inspires, motivates, and uplifts someone. Motivational quotes are positive in nature, and they encourage people to work hard to achieve their goals. The underlying message in many motivational quotes is to never give up, especially when the going gets tough. Motivational quotes are often printed on tangible items such as coffee cups, posters, calendars, and clothing to serve as immediate reminders to keep moving forward.

How do you inspire success?

Leaders and anyone else can inspire success by setting a good example. When a supervisor or manager is willing to work as hard as anyone else and is seen stepping into the project with enthusiasm, others are likely to follow. Other ways to inspire success include ensuring people see the big picture so they understand the stakes, offering positive feedback and encouragement, and letting people take responsibility for their work (and giving them the public kudos to match).

How do you motivate a team?

Ensure you tell each member how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication. Appreciation and acknowledgment in the workplace help build morale, and that can support motivation and excitement in the future. Providing opportunities for advancement is another way to positively motivate team members. Some people also respond well to rewards, which could include anything from bonus structures to catered lunches.

Help motivate your team and improve workflow with monday.com

Teamwork is the cornerstone of successful businesses, and ensuring your team members stay motivated and committed is essential. Motivational quotes, positive reinforcement, and team-building exercises all serve as important building blocks for strong teams. When your winning team meets monday.com’s Work OS, success is imminent. From customized templates to real-time dashboards and automations, our platform is designed to help you streamline your workflow and optimize productivity.

Quotes for teamwork and promoting a positive work environment (2024)


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