Monday Motivation: How to Motivate Employees When they are Feeling Blue (2024)

A positive environment is conducive to flourishing of an employee in an organisation. While there are multiple contributing factors, as discussed next, to jumpstart the entire week on a healthy note, HR or company heads too deserve to stand on the bright side of the week. At the same time, they need to think of innovative ways to help the workforce beat Monday blues.

Let us discuss some key avenues that can help your employees catch up on work after the weekend and beat Monday blues.

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Monday Motivation Ideas for Work

Let’s get started with the Monday motivation work!

  • Let Them Unplug Over the Weekend

Let your team disconnect from work over the weekend and chase their passion. While some may like gardening or cooking, others would prefer hanging out in a group or go on a solo ousting. Just let them be at their true self and get ready welcome them back on Mondays with enthusiasm.

  • Monday is the New Friday

Encourage your employees to wear something casual to the workplace on Mondays (except those who have to go for client meetings). This way, they will not feel the heat of the day and will enter a new week smoothly with enough Monday motivation.

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  • Catch Up on the Most Interesting Weekend Stories

One common sight in any office on Mondays ispeople telling their weekend stories to a group. Why not encourage thispractice and allow every team to have a quick catch up on each other’s weekendstories! Employees are likely to feel more positive after recollecting theirweekend memories and look forward to the week ahead with enthusiasm.

  • Monday Morning Motivation: Start a Little Late

A bit of a flexible schedule can help youremployees have enough sleep and coffee to freshen up for a new week. Thispromotes a healthy work life balance where the person would be able to treatjob related responsibilities with more integrity without feeling burned out.

  • Incentivise the Mondays

Incentivised Mondays are when surprise perksawait! As a result, your employees would look forward to starting Mondays on apositive note. Free parking, extra thirty minutes break, Yoga session in themorning, are some positive incentives because of which your employees withtreat Monday as an opportunity.

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  • Organize Learn-A-Skill Every Monday

Starting off the first day of your week with a new learning that would polish the existing skill set would help cheer up your employees. That first day of the week with an interesting session on productivity, leadership, rapport building, etc. will help beat the Monday blues.This is one of the best Monday motivation ideas to make this day fun and constructive at the same time.

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  • Rev Up Your Workspace

Well lit work desk, comfortable workstation,alternative seating areas, ergonomic design all go a long way in creating apeaceful and workable environment where your employees would love to come back enthusiasticallya long week ahead. They are likely to treat their workspace as an ideal placeto dwell on professional goals as Monday motivation.

  • Mondays = Rewards

Employees love to be recognized for theirefforts, and there is no better day to host the rewarding program than Monday.Mondays thus become positive and fun filled where appreciation, recognition,accolades and some brownie points await you. Such rewards can be reserved for theHR team as well, as they too work hard to keep the office staff streamlined andconnected.

  • Share a Light To-Do List with Your Team

A company or an organisation functions onprinciple of goal settingand goal reaching. A fresh start to the weekwith short periodic talk to just align each employee with her/his workestablishes arelationship of trust between company and its workforce.

Regular meetings on one on one basis to reachmeaningful touch points with employees are important for reaching goals, shortterm and long term. Periodic sessions by company heads or the HR in thebeginning of the week give employees an opportunity to be more accountable andresponsible towards their work.

  • Spark the Competitive Spirit

Competitions develop team spirit amongst employees aside from providing them with an outlook to be solution oriented. Individual competitions do challenge individuals however companies and HR need to be inward looking to let employees go through brainstorming sessions for coming up with new innovative small business ideas. Mondays can be the best day to induce some critical thinking and constructive discussions amongst team members.

Ok Monday, Let’s Do It!

Monday blues are not uncommon. Explore the enlisted ways that you as a company or HR can try to ensure Monday motivation for your employees. Hamare office ka naara, “No Monday blues”!

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Monday Motivation: How to Motivate Employees When they are Feeling Blue (2024)


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