Do Old 78 Records Have Value? (2024)

Hey there, music aficionado! Ever wondered if those old 78 records that have been stashed away in your attic for ages are worth anything? Well, we’ve got the answer for you. In this article, we’ll explore the intriguing world of vintage 78 records and shed some light on whether they hold any value in today’s music market. So, bring out those dusty records and let’s uncover their hidden potential together!

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Factors That Determine the Value of Old 78 Records

Condition of the Record

The condition of a 78 record is one of the primary factors that determine its value. Records in excellent condition, with minimal scratches or damage, are more desirable and therefore command higher prices. Records that have been well-preserved and show no signs of wear or warping are especially sought after by collectors.

Rarity of the Record

The rarity of a 78 record also plays a crucial role in determining its value. If a particular record was only produced in limited quantities or is difficult to come by, collectors are willing to pay a premium for it. Records that were released by smaller labels or had a limited distribution often fall into this category.

Artist and Label

The artist and the label of a 78 record can significantly impact its value. Records by well-known and highly regarded artists such as Louis Armstrong, Bessie Smith, or Bing Crosby are generally more valuable than those by lesser-known performers. Similarly, records released by prestigious labels like Columbia, Victor, or Decca tend to have higher values compared to those from less prominent labels.

Demand and Popularity

The demand and popularity of a 78 record among collectors can greatly influence its value. Records that were hits during their time or have a dedicated following are more likely to command higher prices. The level of demand for a particular record can fluctuate over time, as different genres or artists gain or lose popularity within the collector community.

Historical Significance

The historical significance of a 78 record can also contribute to its value. Records that are associated with important moments in music history, such as groundbreaking recordings or influential artists, often fetch higher prices. Additionally, records that capture a particular era or cultural movement may be valued for their cultural significance.

Collectibility of Old 78 Records

Collectors’ Market

The collectibility of old 78 records is driven by the enthusiasts and collectors who make up the market. These individuals are passionate about preserving and acquiring records from the early eras of recorded music. The enthusiasm of collectors fuels the demand for certain records, thus influencing their market value.

Types of Collectors

There are various types of collectors in the realm of old 78 records. Some collectors focus on specific genres, such as jazz, blues, or classical. Others may concentrate on collecting records by a particular artist or from a specific time period. Some collectors seek out records for their historical significance, while others appreciate the artwork and design of the record labels and sleeves.

Collecting by Genre or Artist

Many collectors are drawn to specific genres or artists and build their collections around their preferences. Jazz enthusiasts may seek out records by iconic performers like Duke Ellington or Louis Armstrong, while blues aficionados may search for records by Robert Johnson or Lead Belly. Collecting by genre or artist allows collectors to explore and appreciate the depth of talent within their areas of interest.

Collecting for Historical Significance

Some collectors are primarily interested in the historical significance of old 78 records. They seek out records that capture pivotal moments in music history or represent important cultural movements. These collectors often focus on records from specific time periods, such as the early recording era or records from the World War II era.

Collecting for Artwork

In addition to the music itself, many collectors are captivated by the artwork and design of old 78 records. The labels, sleeves, and album covers of these records often featured intricate and visually appealing designs. Collectors with an appreciation for graphic design and visual art may prioritize records with unique and aesthetically pleasing artwork.

Tips for Evaluating the Value of Old 78 Records

Researching Online Auctions and Price Guides

To get a sense of the value of old 78 records, it is essential to research completed online auctions and consult price guides. Online auction platforms allow you to see what similar records have sold for recently, providing insight into current market prices. Price guides can also offer valuable information on the approximate value of records based on their condition, rarity, and demand.

Consulting with Record Collectors and Experts

Engaging with record collectors and experts can provide valuable insights into the value of specific records. Interacting with knowledgeable individuals in the field can help you navigate the nuances of the market and gain a deeper understanding of the factors that determine value. These experts can offer guidance on specific records or genres and share their expertise on evaluating condition, rarity, and desirability.

Assessing the Condition of the Record

Carefully evaluating the condition of a 78 record is crucial when determining its value. Look for scratches, warping, and other signs of damage that may affect playability or aesthetics. The presence of original sleeves or packaging can also elevate the value of a record. Learning about proper record grading techniques can assist you in accurately assessing the condition and potential value of a record.

Identifying Rarity and Desirability

To accurately evaluate the value of an old 78 record, it is important to determine its rarity and desirability among collectors. Conduct research on the record’s production history, distribution, and availability to gain insight into its scarcity. Additionally, understanding the current demand for the record within the collector community can help gauge its desirability and potential value.

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Common Factors That Decrease the Value of Old 78 Records

Poor Condition or Damage

Old 78 records in poor condition or with significant damage typically have lower value on the market. These records may have scratches, cracks, warping, or other issues that affect playability or overall aesthetics. While some collectors may still be interested in acquiring such records for historical purposes or as part of a broader collection, their value decreases when compared to records in better condition.

Weak or Absent Popularity and Demand

Records that lack popularity or widespread demand within the collector community often have lower values. If a record does not resonate with collectors or belong to a genre or artist that is currently out of favor, it may be more difficult to sell and command a higher price. The level of demand for a record can fluctuate over time, potentially affecting its value.

Common and Easily Accessible Records

Records that are common or easily accessible tend to have lower values due to their abundance. If a specific record was produced in large quantities or is readily available in the market, it may not be as sought after by collectors. Unless these records have specific historical significance or are associated with a highly revered artist, their value is generally lower.

Lack of Historical or Artistic Significance

Old 78 records that lack significant historical or artistic value often have lower market values. If a record does not capture a pivotal moment in music history, feature an influential artist, or represent a notable cultural movement, its desirability may be limited. Records that do not possess any exceptional value beyond the music itself generally have lower values.

Where to Sell or Appraise Old 78 Records

Specialist Record Stores

Specialist record stores that cater to collectors of old records are often the ideal place to sell or appraise your 78 records. These stores have knowledgeable staff who can provide you with a fair assessment of your records’ value and offer advice on selling them. They may even be interested in purchasing your records directly if they are in high demand or meet their criteria.

Online Auction Websites

Online auction websites provide a platform for selling old 78 records to a wide audience of collectors. Websites like eBay allow you to list your records with detailed descriptions and photographs, reaching potential buyers from around the world. It is important to accurately describe the condition, rarity, and desirability of your records to attract interested buyers and achieve a fair price.

Record Collectors’ Forums

Online forums and communities dedicated to record collectors often have sections or dedicated threads for buying, selling, and appraising records. Engaging with these communities can connect you with fellow enthusiasts who have a deep understanding of the value and desirability of old 78 records. You can seek advice, showcase your records for potential buyers, or inquire about appraisals in these forums.

Record Fairs and Shows

Attending record fairs and shows provides an excellent opportunity to connect with collectors and potentially sell your old 78 records. These events attract avid collectors and enthusiasts who are actively seeking new additions to their collections. Setting up a booth or table at a record fair allows you to showcase your records to a targeted audience and engage in direct sales.

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Record Appraisal Services

If you are unsure about the value of your old 78 records and want a professional opinion, record appraisal services can provide expert assessments. These services usually involve sending your records to knowledgeable experts who will carefully evaluate their condition, rarity, and desirability. Based on their assessment, they will provide you with an appraisal report detailing the estimated value of your records.

Preserving and Maintaining Old 78 Records

Proper Handling Techniques

To preserve the condition of old 78 records, it is crucial to handle them with care. Always hold records by their edges and avoid touching the grooves or label, as fingerprints and oils can leave permanent marks or damage the surface. Be mindful of dropping or mishandling records, as this can lead to cracks, fractures, or warping.

Storage in Protective Sleeves or Cases

Storing old 78 records in protective sleeves or cases is essential for their preservation. These sleeves are typically made of acid-free material and provide a barrier to dust, moisture, and other potential contaminants. Placing records in protective cases or shelving units designed specifically for vinyl records can help prevent warping and damage from stacking or mishandling.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Regular cleaning and maintenance of old 78 records are vital to prolonging their lifespan and maintaining their value. Use a carbon fiber brush or a record cleaning solution to remove dust and debris from the record surface. Avoid using excessive pressure or abrasive materials that can scratch or damage the record. Properly maintaining turntables and styluses is also crucial to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on the records.

Avoiding Direct Sunlight and Extreme Temperatures

Exposing old 78 records to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures can cause irreversible damage. UV rays can fade the labels and sleeves, while high temperatures can warp or melt the records. Store your records in a cool and dry environment, away from windows or areas prone to direct sunlight. Extreme temperature changes should also be avoided, as they can cause warping or cracking.

Famous Old 78 Records that Have Sold for High Prices

The Beatles – ‘Please Please Me’

The debut single by The Beatles, ‘Please Please Me,’ released in 1963, is one of the most valuable 78 records. In 2019, a copy of the original UK pressing, which included the misspelled “Parlophone” on the label, sold for a staggering £9,000 at auction. The combination of its rarity, significance as a Beatles record, and the iconic status of the band contributed to its high price.

Elvis Presley – ‘That’s All Right’

Elvis Presley’s first commercial recording, ‘That’s All Right,’ released in 1954, is another highly sought-after 78 record. In 2015, a mint-condition copy of the Sun Records original pressing fetched $39,000 at auction. As the birth of rock ‘n’ roll, Elvis’ early records hold immense historical significance, making them incredibly valuable to collectors.

Robert Johnson – ‘Me and the Devil Blues’

Blues legend Robert Johnson’s rare records are highly prized by collectors. ‘Me and the Devil Blues,’ released in 1938, is one of his most valuable 78s. In 2013, a copy of this record sold for $37,100 at auction. Johnson’s limited discography, combined with his immense influence on the blues genre, contributed to its astronomical price.

Frank Wilson – ‘Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)’

Frank Wilson’s ‘Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)’ is one of the rarest and most valuable 78 records in existence. Only a handful of copies were pressed in 1965, and the majority were destroyed. In 2009, one of the surviving copies sold for £25,742, making it one of the most expensive records ever sold. Its rarity and the mystique surrounding its limited release garnered significant attention from collectors.

The Rolling Stones – ‘Street Fighting Man’

The Rolling Stones’ ‘Street Fighting Man,’ released in 1968, is a highly collectible 78 record. In 2011, a copy of the UK Decca pressing, featuring an alternate mix, sold for $17,000 at auction. The enduring popularity of The Rolling Stones, combined with the rarity of this particular pressing, contributed to its substantial value.


Old 78 records can hold significant value in the collectors’ market, depending on factors such as condition, rarity, artist, label, demand, and historical significance. Understanding these factors is crucial for accurately evaluating the value of old 78 records. Whether you are a collector looking to build your collection or someone looking to sell old records, thorough research, proper evaluation, and preservation techniques will help ensure a successful and rewarding experience in the world of old 78 records.

Do Old 78 Records Have Value? (2024)


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